Cocktailery & Tomfoolery; 508 Gin Punch & Tamarind Rum Julep

Glendon Anthony Matthew Hartley has been tending bars for nine years to pay his way through fashion school. In the last four years he's been learning about classic cocktails from Jon Arroyo, a well known mixologist.  Born in the US to Trinidadian parents and raised in a suburb just outside DC, he now owns his own beverage consulting company, Hartley Stewart.

Frozen Strawberry Yogurt

I am so happy to make an appearance at Joy of Kosher’s sister online magazine space. I am so honored to be asked by the loyal and friendly staff of Joy of Kosher to develop a recipe for Shavuot, along with my photographs. Please head over to Joy of Kosher and find out what inspired this post here and get the recipe here.

Breaking Bread - The Beginning; Kalamata Olives Focaccia & The Runaway Dimples

Today I am so excited to introduce you to a brand new project in the blogsphere: Breaking Bread! You'll read all about it below, but what you NEED to know is that we'll be #breakingbread monthly with you, baking a different recipe each month, sharing advice, and enjoying the act of breaking bread between friends. I hope you'll join us this month and bake focaccia! For the basic recipe, head on over to our hostess's site, Cake Duchess!

Whoever told you baking bread at home was easy kind of lied to you! There, we said it.

Bread baking is not a simple task. If it were easy, every single home baker across the world would be baking their own wonderful, crispy crusted bread with soft and moist centers every single day.