About Me

My name is Shulie Madnick and I am an Indian Jewish, born and raised in Israel and now living in the United States for more than two decades. 

I am a freelance food a writer, recipe developer and a professional food and travel photographer. I am the author and photographer of www.foodwanderings.com. All content, including photos, is copyrighted. 

Feel free to contact me with food and travel writing and photography collaboration inquiries via email food wanderings at yahoo dot com

Alex Savakis who designed the banner for this site wrote: "Her photos of food with a richness that it verges on the profane include textural backgrounds, muted colors with pops of bright hues and unusual points of view. You can find the entire post about the process of us working together here.

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Food Wanderings was inspired by my wanderings at Dupont Circle market to find the perfect organic baby arugula leaves or at the Arlington market, for that perfectly delicious, plump, yellow peach I find without fail every year. Wanderings for that perfect cup of coffee. Wanderings between the old and the new, between the east and the west, and everything in between. Food wanderings of the mind and thoughts.