Mock Butter Chicken

I was on a mission to achieve similar consistency and flavor profile of butter chicken without the butter. How would I do it and why? For one is the kosher issue, although sometimes kidding-ly on twitter I claim myself to be The Rabbinical Council of Shulie, I don't claim myself to be a kosher authority. I grew up adhering to not mixing milk products with meat and to this day I abide by it. Secondly, as you might know already, this site is hyper sensitive to some food allergies, mainly tree nuts, but this version will be a nice option for the lactose intolerant. In addition I wanted to achieve a healthier version without so much cream and butter while not compromising flavor. It meant I had to play with it.

Quinoa Cakes/Latkes with Mango, Carrot, & Lime Vinaigrette Salad

I have been obsessed about quinoa recently. I ruled it this week kosher for Passover although as it turns out higher powers deemed it so already! :) I wanted to change it around a bit to keep it interesting so I decided on making quinoa cakes/latkes instead of a straight forward salad. I also wanted to keep it gluten free so I used a potato for binding in addition to an egg, instead of flour.

Smashed Majestic Purple Potatoes

Since we were out of town for a long weekend and not hosting the Seder this year we had to scramble when we got back. Since I was not going to go through the elaborate preparation I would normally go for the Seder, I still wanted  a festive, yet delicious meal midweek on Passover. One staple item I got before leaving was purple potatoes. Not only will it sate cravings of starches for lack of bread but will also elevate a quick mid week meal and a holiday meal.

Indonesian Cassava Fritters Stuffed with Coconut Sugar - A Guest Post from Indonesia Eats

Super thrilled that Pepy of Indonesia Eats agreed to do my first ever guest post here. I can't even recall when was it first that I came across her fantastic site but ever since I've been having an ongoing dialogue with her about her home country's fascinating cuisine.  

Pepy is thorough and educated in her research and is a fountain of culinary knowledge. Always has incredible suggestions for substitutions due to dietary restrictions. In her recent post she suggested I use katsuobushi, a Japanese smoked fish flakes, made from skipjack tuna, instead of ground dried shrimp asked for in her most recent Palembangese Stuffed Fish Cake With Green Papaya post.

But let me take few steps back, I do have much respect for the content on Pepy's site but what grabbed me first was her sense of style. Among so many talented photographers and food stylists her unique photographic vision sets her apart. Pepy's site transforms you to exotic yet accessible culinary world. So it won't come as a surprise to you that she was one of the inspiring Asian food sites in my Blog Awards and Happy Year of the Rabbit post.

When she emailed me the introduction my heart was filled with warmth. This recipe was especially developed for me and this site, I am honored. Make your holiday extra special and go and pick up frozen shredded Cassava (Yuca) at the Asian grocery store or fresh Yuca at the Hispanic/Mexican supermarket. Shredded fresh Yuca works just as well and I have seen the root at main stream area supermarkets as well. Without further ado let me introduce to you, Pepy!

The 411 on Champagne Mangoes

Since there is a change of plan, and I decided to make mango sorbet from the mango puree, I made intially for a mango mousse dessert for Passover, I wish to give you the 411 on this fantastic variety. By now I, mostly consumed these luscious, creamy, sweet mangoes for a snack. We went through two cases so far.