The 411 on Champagne Mangoes

Since there is a change of plan, and I decided to make mango sorbet from the mango puree, I made intially for a mango mousse dessert for Passover, I wish to give you the 411 on this fantastic variety. By now I, mostly consumed these luscious, creamy, sweet mangoes for a snack. We went through two cases so far.

Whole Foods, better not raise the price, advertised in store, 10 for $10, but when I went to the cash register the girl was kind to enough to inform me that if I get a case, total of 18, it's just under $13. I paid for a case, and went right back in to add eight to my loot. It did in fact feel like a loot with few curious glares I got as I walked right out of the store and plumped them gently in my cart. Tweeting this it seems like an incredible price for these prized mangoes. Make sure they are extra ripe to get the full sweetness.

The Champagne mangoes are of Ataulfo variety named after Chiapas, Mexico, mango grower Ataulfo Morales Gordillo. A hybrid of cross pollination of few mango trees in Chiapas, Mexico. Growing in fertile volcanic ash soil. Indigenous to Southern and Central Mexico bordering Guatemala. Weather and South Pacific breezed ideal climate for growing these mangoes. I mostly got my information through googling, this is an excellent commercial site for the Champagne mangoes with wealth of information on ripening stages, cutting instructions, history and more.

Twitter friends were integral part of sharing their knowledge and yes lust for mangoes, from reminiscing about Filipino varieties and love for everything mangoes with funny girl Lala hailing from Canada, her twitter mommy Annapet from Northern California, TangleNoodle enjoying mangoes in season as we speak in Manila and Leela too wherever she is now, Thailand, Chicago, who knows?! Also spoke to Manisha who brings to us India by way of Colorado everything mangoes. I also wish to thank Manisha for the absolute surprise package that arrived in the mail yesterday with three bars of Colorado chocolates, I already had a delicious tasting of the dark chocolate, almond sea salt bar, yum! Manisha also unselfishly shared with me some of her precious garam masala and organic kokums, from Konkan and Goa, she brought back from a recent trip to India. I am humbled as I know she doesn't travel back home every year. Thank you Manisha!! Last but not least, Jean A Southern Californian American Israeli and wordsandnosh.

Was really interesting to learn your mango preferences and Filipinos eating mangoes with bagoong (fish, shrimp paste). Never heard of that before!! :) As you can tell, as we plowed through two cases, best to consume FRESH! :) Now only a matter of a Passover post remains...