Hulled Yellow Mung Bean Dahl, A Poor Cabinet Door & A Lost Mojo

I just want to share with you a moment when I lost my mojo and it took us, umm Jonathan, disassembling, in an already crumbling old house, a laundry room cabinet door, for me to get my mojo back. At first I used it for a photo shoot for a post coming out on Monday May 9, prettied the surface up with different blooms from the yard and over stylized but many snaps later it didn't look right. Told you, no mojo, and it was nowhere to be found! Jonathan edited the upcoming post glimpsing at the pictures he noticed the door wasn't a prop and all his efforts prying a 1955 door off its hinges were completely in vain, lost.
Well I couldn't let it just be mounted back without me taking another crack at. So I started a new post with completely different ingredients and started with the bare minimum and decided to stylize gradually and add props if needed. Baby steps. I took only a few snaps. My mojo a bit frail but back. It's all in exhaling and finding that equilibrium of your mind and gut and going into an intuitive overdrive.
Now to say I was terrified and panicked because I lost my mojo would be a stretch, frustrated yes! There were so many things happening in the world, though yes I was enamored too for the abbreviated version the morning of, but G-d am I so happy not to hear about the wedding and the royal couple anymore. Even some personal stuff was reduced and minimized when important world events unfolded. My heart goes to the 9/11 families for a loss so incomprehensible but this week I hope they got some peace.
Now, just wait and see I got more plans for Jonathan, I doubt he will be so cooperative when I ask him to dismantle another cabinet door in the basement in plain sight. (wicked smile! :).

What I meant to feature here is a hulled yellow mung bean paratha. You can see it in the background in the bottom left pic. Against my experience,  I went ahead and followed a recipe for a whole wheat hulled yellow mung bean parathas. When it comes to Indian breads I usually mix half whole wheat and half unbleached flour or keep it completely unbleached. Although the paratha went really well with the hulled yellow mung bean dahl I still want to make it with equal measures of whole wheat and unbleached and 100% unbleached before posting.

The hulled mung bean dahl is a nice change from the red lentil one. I kept the recipe identical with couple of critical exceptions:
1. I dry roasted the hulled yellow mung beans in a skillet on the stove for few minutes by the recommendation of Soma of ecurry in West Bengal tradition. It brings out a bolder more intense flavor. Thank you Soma!! I wouldn't roast the red lentils in the original recipe.
2.I used black mustard seeds instead of regular. It does have a slightly different flavor.

Please find the original recipe in My mom's best kept secret - Dahl! post.