Coffee Ice Cream

What triggered this post was a couple of things, first was Annapet's Mocharon guest post, I've been craving coffee ice cream ever since. Second was my Lemondrop Melon Limonana Sorbet which brought to mind, although universal, an Israeli cafe past time, chilled coffee or milk poured over a few scoops of vanilla or coffee ice cream, and whipped cream. Served in a tall clear glass with a handle and a straw in it!
Stubborn me reminiscent of old times even used an Israeli instant coffee and made coffee gelato (no cream), it was a flop. Cheap coffee, sentimental memories or not, does not translate well into sublime coffee flavored ice cream, but I tried. Next, while googling, first search result kept coming up was Simply Recipes', David Lebovitz's The Perfect Scoop Coffee Ice Cream. What intrigued me the most about it, is the steeping of whole coffee beans in milk and cream to extract the coffee flavor. A brilliant method! While I have a hard time following a recipe, I did follow this one, well, for the most part, and dang, the ice cream came out as ice cream should!
The coffee beans, our neighbor's gift to us over a year ago, often made me feel guilty as I opened the freezer seeing it tucked away in a corner. Robust, 100% Kona, grade AAA Extra Fancy. Caffeineated, 'city roast', a very dark roast, almost like an espresso according to my neighbor. Sold out of Mele Estate Coffee in Hawaii, a boutique coffee estate her parents own. Distributed mostly wholesale but available and marketed directly only in small quantaties.I got all this information while calling next door to ask if I can mention it.
I just churned the chilled base this morning and boy as much as I try to avoid cream in ice cream (an oxymoron right?!) I now know why it must be added to achieve the perfect consistency. I even upped my usual four eggs yolks max, size large, to five as asked in the recipe. The 3/4 cup sugar is spot on in this coffee recipe even though I normally use 1/2 cup sugar in many of my ice cream, sorbet and gelato bases. Since the coffee is full bodied I decided to let its flavors shine. I didn't add the extra 1/4 teaspoon finely ground coffee asked for in the recipe, I just let the coffee beans steep for an extra couple of hours longer in the milk/cream mixture in the fridge. Coffee beans vary, so taste/test for flavor and color at the one hour, two hour marks to see if desired flavor/color were achieved, and only then continue steeping up to three hours max. I also didn't add the salt and the vanilla and used whipping cream instead of heavy cream. Whipping cream just registers with me as volume, fluff, maybe will make the ice cream more airy, but it's just me. The rest I followed the recipe. I've been good, sort of! :).

You can find the link to Simple Recipes' coffee ice cream post and recipe here.  Perfect for this coming 4th of July weekend fireworks!

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