Spelt Flour Challah Dough Rolls & Chocolate Babka A Guest Post at Indian Simmer

When the wonderful and very talented Prerna of Indian Simmer asked me to guest for her, initially she was thinking of something Indian from my mom's. When I saw a recipe by an Israeli chef for a spelt savory challah filled with sauteed vegetables the opportunity presented itself. For years now I wished to bake with different grains other than just wheat. Somehow I felt the spelt would go perfectly with chocolate and upon further baking and experimenting, I felt my original proportion for the honey challah worked best. For example instead of the 3/4 cup oil I only used 1/2. One thing led to another and I thought what better recipe to share with Prerna than one from my Jewish and Israeli heritage. Although the recipe is evolved from savory to sweet and tweaked, originally it was dubbed A Galilee Challah.
Prerna has a natural knack for photography and styling, evident throughout her beautiful site. She is a mom to an adorable little toddler girl who she chases around. I honestly don't know how she does it all but somehow she manages with a wholeheartedly big smile (I can imagine) and an open, welcoming heart.
This dough is very versatile if you wish to make only rolls reduce sugar to 1/2 cup and make knots for individual mini rolls. You can also make sweet rolls and leave the recipe as is. You can make 2 Babka loaves with two thirds of the dough and mini individual rolls with the third remaining dough and so on…Head over to Prerna's site for more pics, all the tips for couple versions of Challah Rolls and Babka from this fantastic spelt dough recipe.

More options on how to braid a Challah video by Cook kosher.