Happy Birthday Sagie יום הולדת שמח שגיא

There are a few reasons behind this post, one is a tattoo of a Jewish proverb, 'The only truly dead are those who have been forgotten', that someone might, or might not, get. Another reason is challenges Sagie has been facing for the last couple of years. Equally important reason is the fact that this blog was encouraged by my son, Sagie, and was started as a documentation of heirloom and other recipes for him and generations to come. As Sagie was heading off to college, I inaugurated this site with one of his favorites Shakshuka, for every college kid's hot plate. I meant to bake a chocolate cake for his birthday today but he wanted me to make one of his favorites, a no-bake dessert Petit Beurre, Cocoa and Coconut Chocolate Balls. This time I didn't have Manischewitz so for the first time ever I used Zinfandel, and surprisingly enough, it still tasted great.

I will keep this short and sweet (sort of). Happy Birthday Sagie שגיא, for the last 19 years I am a fortunate mom to have you as my kid. Both daddy and I wish you a life full of health, happiness and countless adventures as you explore the world. You are truly a beautiful human being and we love you! Though you imagined yourself at this moment somewhere else, accomplishing some goals you set for yourself, but, you are here, so get your beautiful self from the basement upstairs and give us a huge hug STAT!

Photos: First one at 10 months on a visit to Israel in 1993, second taken in Venice summer 98' just before Sagie turned 6.  Small photo at the top left is at Sagie's bar mitzvah at the Western Wall, Summer 2005, in Jerusalem, Israel, he just turned 13. The last two photos were taken just a few days ago, August 2011, at home, here in the US of A, just as Sagie takes off next weekend for his sophomore year at UMASS, Amherst.