Quince Honey Challah Knots (Step by Step Featured at the Washington Post Food) & My 7 Links

Before I go on to My 7 Links please find my step by step Quince Honey Challah Knots recipe and photographs appearing in today's Washington Post Food All We Can eat. Needless to say I am super excited!! The rest of the photographs in the Quince Honey Challah Knots series will be uploaded to Food Wanderings Facebook page soon!

On to My 7 Links, I was tagged by two amazing ladies, both so explosively talented. Rachel, from London via Singapore, you can find her at The Pleasure Monger and at Passionate about baking you will find Deeba from her kitchen in Northen India. Thank you ladies for your My 7 links nomination.

My most beautiful and popular post (combined)
My Indian Shakshuka - Poached Eggs in Curry Sauce post was shot overnight to be the most viewed on my site. It was also one shot I felt that outdid all the others. When I wrote it I felt evolved as a story teller and for the first time I wrote about my dad.

My most controversial post
I am pretty lucky that the closest it got to controversy was this post. Not really a controversy but more of a tiny ripple that I over reacted to, silly me. Chartering into unfamiliar waters is always risky, you could face the experts firing squad. While all of the experts in this case encouraged me to experiment with their cuisine and held my hand and as a  result Padang Fish Curry (West Sumatra, Indonesia and the 411 on Fresh Turmeric post was born, one anonymous comment rattled me. I wish I had kept the critical comment on my blog. I used fillet instead of a whole fish. I had my reasons but what bothered me most was the hiding behind anonymous.

Post I am most proud of
Honestly every single time without fail, I get most excited about my most recent post, but with saying that, I am most proud of the ones that encompass the essence of who I am. There are many, like the Lemondrop Melon Limonana Sorbet but this Whisk Magazine Food Wanderings Feature: 'A Little Bit of Cardamon' not only is a reflection of my background but also was a professional turning point.

My most surprisingly successful post
Oddly enough the one that surprised me most was not food related at all, but Our Summer Garden, Few Snap Shots After The Rain. I believe it is still on the top three most visited posts.

My most helpful post
Honestly throughout my site you will find many helpful tid bits. If I had to choose, probably demystifying challah as the simpler, more forgiving (dough) relative of the brioche in The Perfect Honey Challah will be in the running, as well as demystifying Indian food as simple, delicious, nutritious and satisfying with My mom's best kept secret - Dahl! The one that was most helpful to have is the Matzo Ball Soup. It's great for the holidays and as an everyday elixir.

My most underrated post
I wish for this Pear II photo post to represent all the subdued mood posts that didn't get the deserved attention. It is a quiet does not scream for attention photo but never the less beautiful and meaningful.

My nominations:
1. Angela from I.Flip.For.Food.
2. Sarah from Food Bridge
3. Anuradha from Baker Street 29
4. Lora from Cake Duchess
5. Sala from Veggie Belly