Baba Ghanoush - A Mediterranean Eggplant Dip - A Guest Post at Veggie Belly

When Sala of Veggie Belly asked me to guest post for her while she was traveling, I said yes, of course. You probably remember Sala from her guest post, White Peas Sautéed with Green Mango and Coconut,in my India Series. Sala is a well seasoned traveler and I cannot wait to hear her impressions from her quick trip to Israel, while she is, for the first time, in the Middle East.
Sala wanted me to make a dish from home and Baba Ghanoush is always at the table whether at homes or restaurants in Israel. Baba Ghanoush, an eggplant dip or salad, more widely known as a Lebanese dish, is wide spread throughout the Levant, Egypt and the Balkans. The Levant is the crossroads between Western Europe, Eastern Mediterranean and Northern Africa.

Before I send you to hop over to Sala's site to read the rest of this entry, see more Baba Ghanoush photographs and get the recipe, please make sure to read about her in my introduction to her in her guest post in the India Series. Please also follow this very talented blogger on twitter @veggiebelly and Like Veggie Belly on Facebook to read about her voodoo Donut debacle at the airport.
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