Happy Belated Thanksgiving & Recipe Links

I haven't been posting much lately for many reasons, I wonder, if one of which is, just suffering from a sheer burnout?! My mind was preoccupied with many burning issues but I haven't forgotten you. If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook I shared with you many Thanksgiving recipes I came across in magazines, newspapers and on food bloggers' sites.
Meanwhile I haven't been posting but been cooking just the same. S headed back to college last night. He hitched a ride up north from NJ with his friend this am. It was too short of a time and not much proper mothering done. I love how the house comes alive with coming and goings, of S and his friends, and in between me feeding them.
I want to share with you some links to recipes I made recently. They would be relevant throughout the upcoming holiday and winter season. I found, with the exception of the cranberry relish, all three recipes in Food and Wine's recent issue. Once in a while I find myself famished, having a bite, most often sushi, at Whole Foods, before proceeding to shop. Two evenings prior to Thanksgiving was no different. I usually grab a couple of food magazines at the checkout counter to pass the time. This time Food and Wine recipes just jumped out at me and I re-invented my Thanksgiving menu on a spur of a moment.

The flash roasted broccoli with spicy crumbs, I never managed to shoot the final dish but you can find it in the link. I've got to say, I am really happy to have found this broccoli recipe. We usually don't play much with broccoli, but I found a recipe that jazzes it up without distracting from the essence of the vegetable. Use mustard moderately. Instead of pepperoni, I added a touch of red pepper flakes.

Same with the inverted caramelized apple pancake, a good photo in the link. 

The crispy baked kale recipe with Gruyere cheese I made with stove top croutons. A generous dose of olive oil coated bread, crust cut off, cubed, lightly salted and peppered on medium to high iron cast pan till golden on both sides. I had a 2 day old Tuscan bread at home. I used a Fontal and Parmesan mix I had on hand instead of Gruyere. I also added shredded brussels sprouts to the kale.

I hope you had a joyful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Light and Fluffy Baked Apple Pancake
Crispy Baked Kale with Gruyere Cheese
Flash Roasted Broccoli with Spicy Crumbs
Spicy Cranberry-Apple Relish


  1. Happy Belated Thanksgiving :)
    You should take your time and post whenever you feel like it. We all have other things on our minds that sometimes preoccupied us. We certainly had in the last 10 days.....

  2. I want to try every thing you made. I really am intrigued by the apple pancake. Thanks for sharing these delicious links and I'm happy you had a nice weekend with your beautiful family:)

  3. Happy belated Thanks Giving, Shulie

  4. Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!
    That Kale with Gruyere needs to make it to my belly real real soon. Sounds amazing!

  5. Looks like one fantastic Thanksgiving meal! So many wonderful, bright colors!

  6. Belated Happy Thanksgiving Shulie! Great links and pictures! :)