Brunch at Sylvester's in Western MA

Holidays make me think of brunch and brunch thoughts made me think of Sylvester's in Western Mass. This Oreo Latte above, Jonathan's niece ordered and so well modeled, looks sensational. I am not a big fan of commercially made cookies and sweets, but I have a weak spot for Oreos. I never eat them myself, but with S's allergies, growing up, it was one of the only commercially made cookies he could have and he absolutely loved them. I think he still does.

Brussels Sprouts Potato Latkes & CA Olive Ranch EVOO Trio GIVEAWAY gift pack

I developed this recipe for California Olive Ranch's 'Holiday Classic re-invented with EVOO' campaign. It was a no brainer since the miracle of Chanukkah was all about this little jug of olive oil that could. Besides, olive oil is a large part of my cooking on any given day not just the holidays. In addition to shallow frying latkes (potato pancakes) in olive oil, I also wished to re-invent the latke this year. 

Freekeh with Brussels Sprouts, Apple, Dried Cranberries, Honey & Pomegranate

When Freekehlicious approached me about a professional collaboration featuring this ancient grain, Freekeh,  I said yes without a shred of hesitation. What better way to celebrate this ancient grain with fall/winter seasonal ingredients on this momentous occasion, Thanksgivukkah ! This hybrid of Chanukah and Thanksgiving holiday comes around only once in a lifetime. This year the first day of Chanukah falls on Thursday, November 28, 2013, Thanksgiving. Next time these two holidays will collide will be in 77,798 years.

Minced Onion Celery Seed Savory Cheese Rolls

When I spotted the Savory Cheese Rolls recipe on Red Star Yeast's site I immediately thought they would be great rolls for Thanksgiving and a (Parve) Chanukah. I also thought that on a balmy wintery day they would go perfectly with a piping hot bowl of chili. Seems like Red Star Yeast was thinking summer BBQ rolls, so really these Minced Onion Celery Seed Savory Cheese Rolls are a year-round crowd pleaser.

Fajita-Style Quesadillas: Better Homes and Gardens Delish Dish Blog

Quesadillas are one of those quick fun foods, on the run for young and old alike. It's comforting, nutritious and delicious all at once. You quickly toss it together after a late soccer practice car pool run. Easy midweek or weekend lunch or dinner and a great game day snack for a crowd of friends watching football, baseball or soccer.