North African Lettuce Chicken: Illustrated by Alex Savakis

Today, I wish to feature one of my all time favorite illustrators, Alex Savakis. You might recall Alex illustrated the Food Wanderings' banner for my site. Since then we've become good friends. 

When I saw Alex's illustrated North African Lettuce Chicken, inspired by the Splendid Table newsletter, I had to share it. The cumin, coriander and allspice are all flavors I love to celebrate on Food Wanderings. These aromas drifted through the windows, especially on Fridays, right out of my North African friends homes, into our apartment, while growing up in Israel. 
If you click on the image on Alex's site you will see the rotating carousel in action. It's a cool animation. Speaking of animation, or motion graphics as Alex calls it, see this cool animation he did as a collaboration for The Draw and Cook promo.

For the recipe click on the images to view them larger, or head over to Alex's site for this and other illustrated and motion graphics edible fun!

All rights to images are reserved to Alex Savakis. They were published with permission on Food Wanderings.