Mufleta - A Moroccan Yeast Pancake

While we all are suffering from matza fatigue by the end of Passover, the Moroccan Jewish community is all ablaze with excitement for Mimouna.
The Mimouna is a lively festival celebrated at sundown at the end of Passover, spilling into the next day with picnics and open houses. Drums, bejeweled Moroccan garb and fez (Moroccan hat), high pitched ululation and tables brimming with Moroccan sweets are some of the reasons, if you aren't invited to a Mimouna, you wiggle an invitation out, to this spring time jubilee.
Make sure to head over to Jewish Food Experience to read the rest of the Mimouna article about this fascinating Moroccan Jewish festival. You will also be mesmerized by a fun and curious method to making this yeasted pancakes recipe, the mufleta, drenched with melted butter and honey goodness.

Many thanks to my friend, Lora, Cake Duchess, who sent me her copy of The Book of Jewish Food, by one of my favorite Jewish cookbook authors, Caludia Roden. I quoted and referenced Claudia Roden's writings about the Mimouna, from The Book of Jewish Food, in the article I wrote.