Zahav Restaurant: The Gold is in the Lamb

Photo by Mike Regan courtesy of Zahav Restaurant
When the food trend movers and shakers predicted that the cauliflower is going to be the new brussels sprouts, they must have been thinking of Chef Michael Solomonov's fried cauliflower mezze with labne (strained yogurt), chive, dill, mint and garlic sauce.

Photo by Jason Varney courtesy of Zahav restaurant
Before you hop over to Jewish Food Experience, to read the rest of my recent monthly installment, linger here for  a few moments longer. The article on the Israeli inspired restaurant Zahav (Gold) in Philly was cleverly titled by the editor  "A Golden Lamb in Philadelphia."
Photo by Mike Regan courtesy of Zahav Restaurant
The Limonana (mint lemonade), above, at Zahav was authentic, refreshingly thirst quenching, as if we were on the sweltering beach in Tel Aviv. You might remember the Lemondrop Melon Limonana Sorbet I 'concocted' back in 2011 inspired by the classic Israeli beverage.

You also might wish to take a look at my Instagram for that 'golden lamb' and other snapshots.

Meanwhile I am keeping this post short and sweet as I am on the road in NY, heading back to reality and deadlines, not yet, but soon-ish.

Read about Jonathan's Father's Day weekend when I dragged him to Zahav in Philly during World Cup. Oh the double blasphemy whammy on my part! Some cool ABCNews video from the restaurant of the brined, smoked braised and grill charred lamb. In addition great links to recipes in the article, so that you can make these, relatively simple, Mediterranean delicacies at home. All good stuff!

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