Beyond the Bagel: The Podcast is now LIVE!

I am so excited to launch the first episode of "Beyond the Bagel," my new podcast.

Don't forget to subscribe and download on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other platforms. I am waiting on approval on Apple Podcasts. What?! I know, Apple Podcasts, right?! Super excited. 

You can also subscribe here via email (right-hand column), check CAPTCHA, and confirm the subscription through the link in the email that will be sent to you, for new episodes release and other announcements. 

If you asked me less than three weeks ago, I would have never imagined being a podcaster. This came about accidentally. One of the assignments in a course I am taking was creating a podcast. Within two weeks and countless hours later, I had to scramble and learn as much as possible on how to create a podcast. 

The feedback from my peers was, "This should be on NPR." Now I have to make all my subsequent episodes live up to this one. The pressure! :) 

"Beyond The Bagel" explores the many and often surprising places where Jewish food appears, in various cultures across the globe, and how it manifests itself into different Jewish food identities. "Beyond the Bagel" also explores food, food culture, and history among different ethnic and religious communities in Israel.

I want to share stories from around the world. If you have a story to tell about Jewish food or know of someone who has a story to tell and would be perfect as a guest on "Beyond The Bagel," please drop me a note at foodwanderings at Yahoo dot com. You don't have to be Jewish to be a guest on my podcast. 

Stay tuned for future announcements of membership for extra content, cooking classes, and sponsorship opportunities. 

"Beyond the Bagel" episodes will always be available to my readers/listeners, and the public. 

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