Indian inspired mung bean salad

This salad tastes great same day but even better the next day when flavors sit and blend in. Mung beans are these small green capsules that are rich in fiber and protein among other nutritional values. Big in South East Asian cooking, and as I recently discovered, they can be used as a savory as well as a sweet dish. I am only familiar with Indian savory mung bean dishes. I remember my mom making a very dried, almost smokey version of it with some garam masala, and a side dish of green mango chutney or salsa. This recipe is incorporates some elements from both the mung bean masala dish and the chutney. Recently, I have been having it often for lunch. Mung bean can be bought in the bulk section of Whole Foods, local Indian grocery store or pre-bagged in any other grocery store. You can get the garam masala or curry at a local Indian store or at any local grocery store's spice isle. Use this recipe as a guide....adjust flavors to your liking. Some add basil leaves, some seeded and cubed tomatoes. Enjoy!!

Mung bean salad

1/3-1/2 lb mung beans
1 green mango peeled and cubed
1 red bell pepper cubed
1/2 medium red onion cubed
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
1-2 jalapeno peppers sliced into thin rings
1 teaspoon plus garam masala or curry powder
1/3 bunch of cilantro leaves chopped
1-2 limes
5-10 plus fresh mint leaves chopped
Canola oil

Rinse mung beans in cold water. Add fresh water to a pot and cook mung beans in water until soft. Bring to a boil and reduce to low medium for about twenty minutes. You have to watch that the water won't overflow when cooking, so a quick stir now and then is suggested. We want to keep the capsules whole but soft, if overcooked they will turn to mush. Drain and let cool a bit. Add cubed green mango, cubed bell pepper, and cubed red onion to mung beans. In a frying pan toast cumin, mustard seeds and sliced jalapeno in oil until all the flavors and aromas are released for few minutes. Add seeds and jalapeno mixture to mung bean mixture. Add chopped mint, cilantro, lime juice and garam masala or curry. Mix and adjust lime, salt, garam masala and herbs according to taste.

You can smoke garam masala a bit, prior to adding to salad, if you wish. In a heated pan with NO oil in it, put the spice, and let it realease it's oils and aromas for couple of minutes, add to mung beans. Makes the flavor more vibrant!

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  1. Shulie, I was researching mung bean salads this morning and happened to come across yours. I was sooo excited! I have my mung beans cooking now!