Mushrooms two ways..........and some fish along the way

The simplest of meals. I like to use portabella mushrooms for their meatiness, texture and taste. portabellas have a lot of substance especially in meatless meals...although the first recipe, orzo and portabella dish is not a substitute for proteins, and especially meaty proteins, it feels as fulfilling as one. You can absolutely use any assortment of mushrooms in this dish. Apropo proteins, we like this dish with simply seared white fish fillets....see recipe at the bottom. Mushrooms and eggplants are two of our most favorite vegetables. I should take it back, until this past Summer, it is at the Ferry Building Farmers Market, by the water in San Francisco, that our son acquired the taste for mushrooms. Thanks to his friend, who bought some mushrooms at the market, and to my son's amazement was eating them raw. Our son does eat radishes and bell peppers, string beans and asparagus, mangos and lychees among many many other vegetables and fruits. Bananas, avocados, raw tomatoes, mushrooms and eggplants he was not too fond of. Bananas and avocados we conquered at different stages over the last several years, mushrooms this past Summer in San Francisco. We have yet to see about eggplants, that is a tough one, and lastly raw tomatoes. At the bottom you can find my son's favorite mushroom dish made with baby button mushrooms, you can use it as a small dish if having tapas inspired dinner, as an appetizer or just accompany a meal as a warm side dish.

Orzo and mushrooms

1 lb orzo
Canola oil
2 large portabella mushrooms, or any other assortment of mushrooms, sliced or cubed
1 large onion diced
Fresh black pepper
Chopped parsley as a garnish

Cook Orzo as directed on box, like pasta in salted water, al dente, and drain. In a frying pan saute onions first, until soft, then add sliced mushrooms and cook until mushrooms are cooked. Salt and pepper the mushrooms onion mix. Add the two mixtures together and adjust for salt and freshly grounded black pepper. Garnish with parsley.

Taste excellent at room temperature and the next day as well. When reheating the next day, just heat to room temperature or warm.

Goes really well with seared fish fillets. Bit of canola oil, few minced garlic, let garlic sweat. Add the fish and sear few minutes on each side, salt and pepper both sides. Squeeze lemon on top and stick in oven at 350 for final cooking if needed. Garnish with parsley.

Sagie's favorite mushrooms recipe:

1 package baby button mushrooms
10 minced fresh garlic cloves, sometimes I will use a whole head of garlic, minced
Canola oil
Lemon, freshly squeezed

In a frying pan pour little canola oil, add garlic and sweat. Really important to be patient with the garlic on low medium heat to make sure it soft and cooked. Add mushrooms whole or halved and cook in garlic, add lemon and salt. Cook the mushrooms, I like the mushrooms cooked throughout but make sure not to overcook and shrivel them. If the garlic lemon sauce reduces too quickly add a some water or more lemon juice. Serve Immediately!! Really delicious with baguette, dip into lemon garlic sauce.

Variation, NOT Sagie's favorite:
Add fresh thyme leaves to button mushrooms dish for a lemon garlic thyme sauce to dip in.

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