Coleslaw massage!!

Yes, cabbage massage sounds crazy!! Think of it as a sort of a method or technique?! to tenderize the cabbage and massage the flavors into the vegetable, as
if you are kneading dough. If you are timid about massaging cabbage with your bare hands, even after washing your hands properly, wear surgical gloves, kitchen gloves, and proceed to massage. Massaging cabbage is the most critical step in this recipe!! I know that coleslaw brings back memories of Summer barbecues, but the deep violet color reminds me of Winter, deep, complex, although the irony of this recipe that it's the easiest simplest Mediterranean vinaigrette of oil, lemon and salt to top the finely julienned slaw. I use canola, not olive oil to keep the flavor mild.  You can substitute olive oil for the canola, for an absolute authentic Mediterranean simple vinaigrette flavor. For variety's sake I changed things around a bit one day, and used mayonnaise in this recipe, similar to the American coleslaw recipes, it did not go over very well with my crowd, I guess old habits die hard, and they are healthier anyways!! Quickest recipe you ever put together, adds instant color and flavor to your lunch or dinner with family or friends. 

Mediterranean Slaw
1/2 red cabbage finely julienned
1/2 lemon juice plus according to taste
Canola oil

Add to julienned cabbage lemon, canola and salt to taste and massage for few seconds. Chill before serving, excellent the next day. How easy??!!

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