Golden & red beets, ruby red grapefruit and green baby leaves Winter salad

Just this week I used a food analogy, actually a drink analogy, drink being water, to a real life situation, by saying to someone, who was not familiar with this expression or idiom, it's like 'grinding water' לטחון מיים which loosely means 'we are getting nowhere' (in this 'discussion'). In this entry I am doing the reverse, using a real life expression and using it as an analogy related to food. There is an idiom, or an expression, from Hebrew as well, that loosely translates as follows, 'the same lady with a different mane'  אותה הגברת בשינוי אדרת. It's very true with regard to this salad, I change the ingredients around to reflect the season, and dress the Wintery salad up, with the same universal vinaigrette I am so obsessed with. I shared the vinaigrette with you in one of my earlier enrties  'Arugula addiction'. In this case, ironically, dressing up the vinaigrette with a different mane!! I find the contrast of the red and golden beets and pink grapefruit against the green of the salad stunning, not to mention delicious!! Served double batch of this salad yesterday at my blog launching girl only cocktail party, my friend was gracious to host, and it went fast!!

Winter salad

1 bunch red beets
1 bunch golden beets
1 Pink grapefruit
2-4 handfuls baby greens, arugula, mache or mixed baby greens
1/2 red onion

1. Peel beets and half  (see peeling and cutting beets tip at bottom)
2. In two separate pans, one for golden and one for red beets, cook beets until soft
3. While beets are cooking, peel grapefruit and separate pulp in whole sections as much as possible
4. Peel onion and slice into thin rings, separate rings to individual ringlettes
5. Wash and dry greens
6. Quarter beets and assemble salad in a way that is visually satisfying to you. See pics for an idea
7. Moments before serving toss with Vinaigrette
Always a huge success, enjoy!! Recipe can be doubled!!

Peeling and cutting beets tip or 'a tip about tips':
Cut leafy greens off from top, but at the bottom of the beet, do not cut the tail off completely.  Leave the tip of the tail in tact and then proceed to peel skin off with a potato peeler. Visually it's appealing and it does not compromise the original shape of the beet and character. The beet does not get lost anonymously  into oblivion among the other vegetables and ingredients, just as a general rule!!
See pics of salad for illustration of how the tips are in tact and it creates playfulness and a sensation for the eyes!

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