Worlds collide - Costco Salts meet FreshFarm Sweet Potatoes

This post is one of series of posts I meant to write but fell behind. Every month I got a fabulous Costco find I would like to share with you. By a find I mean a cutting edge, organic product found at Costco. Surprising, yes! but a welcome trend. The trio of salts were at about $20 naturally harvested in Cyprus, The Himalayan and the coastal areas of France. The colors of the salts, pink in Himalayan, grey in the French are determined by different minerals found in that certain areas.  the consistency of the crystals is different from salt to salt some more coarse than others, some flaky and some fine grain.  They are used mostly as gourmet salts,, after cooking is done to enhance the flavors of the dish and give it some texture and color. The intensity of saltiness varies, you will get to know your salts and pair them well once you are familiar with them.This time I paired the Cyprus Flake salt with sweet potatoes. Uncharachteristic to my usual self, I like to peel and cut the sweet potatoes in odd shaped chunky fries. I line a cookie sheet with parchment paper, add a bit of canola or olive oil to the sweet potatoes and roast at 450F until golden. Turn the sweet potato oven fries over to golden on flipped side. It gets crunchy edges outside and creamy and soft inside. Once sweet potatoes are done, I add a touch of maple syrup and roast for few minutes longer, it will carmelize a bit. Plate and sprinkle sparingly with Cyprus Flake salt. Another option is to cut sweet potato fries as instructed above. Squeeze some fresh lime juice on it, add some canola or olive oil and 1/2 teaspoon or more of paprika. Mix and put at 450F oven. Once oven fries are cooked add maple syrup and Cyprus Flake salt as mentioned above. You can also use sea salt or any artisan salts you've got in your pantry.
Costco finds: Gourmet salts