Hybrid Haroset on the fly

I always had a challenge with Haroset. Again, the issue of nuts. This year altogether haven't bought the token small bottle of Manischewitz, to have around just in case, and mostly for sweetening the Haroset. Honestly, the Seder plate, completely escaped my mind, so I had to make a Haroset on the fly. I must say, I should cook more often on the fly, as this Haroset came out probably one of handful extremely successful Harosets, whether made by me or others. I incorporated Ashkenzi and Sepharadic elements and VOILA!! A perfect hybrid was created. Before I continue, I want to touch base about traditions of different cultures in the Jewish faith. I am just scraping the subject on the surface (is there such a saying or is it just me?!). At my mom's Seder right now. the meal is made of Indian food, Biryani and all. Keep in mind Ashkenazi, Sepharadic have different ideas of what's kosher for Passover and what's not. In the Indian Jewish community, rice, legumes and seeds, are considered kosher for Passover. I did not really measure all the ingredients in this recipe. Put in blender and adjust as you go. This version can also be made as a relish or condiment for liver, pate or chopped liver. Great complement! Do not restrict making it only as a Haroset for Passover.

1 apples, peeled and cored, cut into few pieces
14 small dried apricots
2 handfuls of roasted unsalted sunflower seeds
1 handful of golden raisins
2 handfuls of dried currants
Juice of 1/2 small lemon
Can also use: (I used the above what I had in the pantry)
Few dried dates
Few dried figs
I used seeds due to guests allergies to peanuts and tree nuts

Put in a blender and whizz until desired consistency is reached. Adjust sweetness level with honey.

Note:  In first picture you see the Haroset (blonde relish) served with Horseradish (red relish) on Matza, balanced universe with a bite of horseradish and honey sweet Haroset. Pair chicken liver, sauted with carmelized onions, salt, lots of fresh black pepper and a touch of cumin, with Haroset, YUM!

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