FRESHFARM Dupont Circle, it's Spring!!

Beautiful day at FRESHFARM Dupont today, everyone is out with their cycling, running and Spring gear.  Got a late start to my dash into the farmers market. On the way in caught glimpses of young families, strollers and all, having their improvised picnic lunch, at the little patch of grass with their findings at the market.  I even met a beagle pup mutt called Bella. Got a soft spot for beagles!! See pic of our Wizzy-Wizard lusting after the multi grain multi seed bread. First stop was Atwater's, started at the market clockwise today, usually I go counter clockwise!! The line as I suspected was long, about twelve or more people ahead of me.  Happily I snagged one of, what looked like, remaining multi grain and multi seed bread and a half loaf of Kalamata.  Half loaf, can you believe it?! Love that!! Next week I will try half of Struan, that came highly recommended by a nice couple behind me.  They said last week they waited in line only to find that it was sold out.  It's their favorite!! Seems like loaded up on carbs this trip to the market, wholesome wholegrain and organic carbs!! Then stopped by the mushroom lady.  The Palestinian lady from Accra was not there today but the other one was, talking to a customer about her much anticipated trip to Egypt next week.  Got some Portabellas and baby button mushrooms.  I guess portabella steak sandwiches for lunch today are in order.  Portabellas seared on high heat or grilled with a touch of olive oil and salt.  I will probably make some nut free basil pesto to go with it. Got some organic arugula, mache and sweet potatoes, at Next Step, as we are heading out.  I really desired coffee with hearts in it (wouldn't know I have a 17 year old) and suggested we head to Chinatown Coffee Co., but Jonathan was neither eager for hearts in his coffee, nor giving up just yet, his perfect parking spot right in front of 2000 Massachusetts Ave.  It was gorgeous outside. We ended up at Le Pain Quotidien, just around the corner, for coffee. I walked out with organic olive oil and couple of jams, one of which is my favorite, (organic) apricot jam.

Recipe ideas: Olive bread, pesto (homemade or store bought) and seared or grilled portabella. A little mache/arugula salad on the side, with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. You can always use the Moroccan roasted bell peppers and eggplant salad instead of the pesto from an Italian twist to a Moroccan one!
For those of you who do not consume carbs: Slice portabella steak into thick slices and follow this recipe for Sagie's favorite mushrooms.  Substitute the button mushrooms with the portabellas.  Fan out portabella slices on a plate and serve along arugula/mache salad from above or this arugula salad with seasonal fruit/veggies on top.
For a complete nutritional value add the protein, and fiber might I add, in the form of yellow split pea soup you can dress up or down for every occasion.


  1. WOW!! Those shots of the mushrooms are gorgeous. Can't wait for spring up here. The dog longingly staring at the bread is hilarious. HAHAHAHAHA

  2. Hahhahaha, Wizzy (Wizard) was leaping at the bread as Jonathan was holding it, I was trying to capture the perfect leaping shot, but it was a bit chaotic so I settled for the yearning look at Wizard's expression:)