Fine Cooking rich chewy Brownies

Well how should I begin, even as a teen I was not really obsessed about or worshipped anything or anyone, maybe could not really afford the luxury (?!), but I surely was obsessed with Fine Cooking as I grew up. I had the magazine subscription rerouted to Israel when we lived there for couple of years. Some of the best recipes which are not mine or my mom's I got from Fine Cooking. I know in this day and age with dual professional household, not to mention managing our kids calendars can be a full time job on its own, we settle on shortcuts.
Don't get me wrong some of my best recipes like this are the simplest and most delicious, but when I order tiramisu at a reputable Italian establishment, I do inquire prior to ordering if the sponge cake was made from scratch? You won't believe how often do I get a puzzled, gazed look on the waiters and waitresses faces, just to find out, to my disappointment, that the 'cake' is 'baked' with commercially made lady fingers. Again, when you are short on time at home and need shortcuts it's completely understandable, at a reputable gourmet (I mean pricey) establishment, not so! Which brings me back to Fine Cooking, my friend and I, while I am translating the recipe from English to Hebrew, made the best tiramisu I have ever had from from Fine Cooking, gnocchi with sage butter for that matter too, as well as this particular favorite of my son's, rich chewy brownies. If I am lucky, he will agree to model the brownies for me. He chides me playfully, how inappropriate of me to 'use' him in my food blog. Funny kid!!
Please see a link to Fine Cooking and the recipe. Scroll down the recipe is there!

*Fourth picture is my beautiful and wondeful, yet uncooperative son, who refuses to let me 'use' him! Thank you all for your support for the last couple of weeks!


  1. Brownies look great. Are you going to post the recipe?

  2. Hi Diane, Thanks! Click the woed recipe, it's a link to the recipe, scroll down and voila:).

  3. The brownies sound delicious! And the pictures look great.

  4. Fantastic--love the gorgeous pics & post from a true blue Fine Cooking fan!!! Thank you for the lovely shout out.
    Michaela @finecooking

  5. Thanks Michaela @finecooking. The pleasure is all mine!! I do enjoy photography and some of my best (non family) recipes came from Fine Cooking. I am truly indebted:).