Our 2010 Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend this year was extremely busy with a family Bar Mitzvah and lots of out of out of town relatives. When on a normal Memorial Day Weekend we shy away from venturing into the city, this Memorial Day we ventured in twice. The crowds at midnight were just as large as at daytime, for the first year in many we saw first hand the hundreds and and hundreds of Rolling Thunder's Harley Davidsons as they poured into the city for Memorial Day. With striking images of DC's monuments and memorials at night, my favorite and most haunting to me is the Korea Memorial, just steps away from the Lincoln Memorial. It's not the largest or the tallest, you don't see it from the road but to me it speaks louder than any.
I did not want to share many images of the memorials as many of the families left touching and personal momentos for their loved ones who sacrificed themselves for this country. Mostly you will find here images from Sunday's Dupont's farmers market through my sister in law's eyes.  I was delighted she captured some beautiful images of the market as I usually do not travel with a camera when I venture into Dupont.  Our guests nibbled on some organic strawberries we bought at the market while strolling through, had some freshly baked pie and J had one of his old time faves strawberry yogurt.  It's a good thing we had a cooler full of ice in the car as we were heading next to the zoo and then back to VA, for the Bar Mitzvah family arranged activity, laser tag.  J and I dropped everyone at laser tag and brought his parents to hang out a bit in our house. My sister in law also captured S(my son) against the fireplace wall at our home, when she was over with her girls.  I took a pic of my guys at the Bar Mitzvah and the pita pockets. I have not cooked much this weekend but we did grill some pretty good merguez sausage yesterday, had freshly baked pita pockets, Hommus and Tahini with vinegar pickles.  I am still on a hunt for the best merguez in DC.  I've got some wonderful recommendations which I am looking forward to exploring as merguez is now on my somewhat finalized menu for S's high school graduation BBQ party. S did manage to catch a DC United soccer match post cousin's Bar Mitzvah, hang out with friends and now as the weekend wraps up J and S are going to the gym. I hope you all are having wonderful time with your family and friends as we are wrapping up the weekend, and remember the many families who are missing their loved ones, who lost their lives in service to this country and our freedom.