Mango Sorbet

This recipe is very similar to the previous pineapple sorbet post. The directions below are for the mango sorbet all by itself. I happened to make both pineapple and mango consecutively the same day, so I had a tinge of pineapple flavor in my mango sorbet from the blender which I didn't bother to wash in between batches. Not only I saved myself time and the hustle but it enhanced ever so slightly the mango flavor. If making two different fruit batches the same day, my advice to you is skip washing the blender and proceed to make a second batch! If you are not making two different batches same day and still wish to achieve same flavor, I suggest instead of peeling a fresh pineapple, use couple of rings out of a canned pineapple and a touch of pineapple juice.
That will do the trick! This post has been ready for couple of days, but since my girlfriends liked the mango sorbet so much, I gave them the leftovers on impulse (here we go again), not thinking I got to shoot some photos.  I will run over to my friend's house, hopefully today, use her dishes for the shoot, so I can publish this post this Sunday or by the latest this coming Monday.

Mango Sorbet

4 ripe mangoes
Directions: Peel and cube mangoes. In a blender puree mango chunks to smooth consistency.

Add to mango puree 1/2 amount of syrup below: (the remainder from the previous pineapple sorbet post)
3/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups water
1/4 cup lime juice
Directions: Add water and sugar over medium heat and let sugar dissolve. Stir couple of times. Remove from heat once sugar dissolves and add lime juice. Let cool a bit. Use half the syrup amount for the mango puree.

Directions continued: In a bowl with tight lid add the mango puree and half the syrup. Refrigerate mixture until cool. Follow manufacturer's directions for chilling ice cream maker bowls. Add chilled mango/syrup mixture into frozen ice cream maker and let churn until you reach semi solid consistency. The process if fairly quick 20-30 minutes. It you work in small batches it works better.

To serve:
1. Soft serve immediately out of ice cream maker and freeze the rest.
2. Let frozen sorbet sit at room temperature for 20 minutes or so. Check if softened and wet ice cream scooper with cold water prior to scooping. Enjoy!!

*Dishes and location courtesy of my friend Shoshi. Pictured: Shoshi's beautiful dishes and her beautiful home.