Rolled Oats Pancakes - Quick, Healthy and Delicious!

This will be the quickest post I have ever written. It amazes me every single time how quick and easy, as I call them, American pancakes are. When I saw this healthier twist to the traditional recipe in one of my favorite food magazines from Israel Al HaShulchan (on the table), I could not wait to make them! I just got it from an Israeli friend of mine living just a neighborhood over, she was on a business trip to Israel and brought me two current Israeli cooking magazines and a cookbook. I must admit I did light up like a little girl when I got what I consider, treasured surprises. The magazine featured breakfast and brunch recipes. Initially, when I saw the word Rivyon in the ingredient list, I don't know why, but yogurt came to mind. I embarked on a twitter quest since the yogurt I had in the fridge expired same day I was preparing the pancakes. With much panic I turned to my twitter friends as I was impatient to make a quick run to the supermarket. Later as it turned out Rivyon most resembles buttermilk so the first batch was with yogurt and I badly wanted to convince myself the pancakes were most delicious, but they were a bit dense.
 Today a day later I made a new batch breakfast for dinner and since I am not a huge fan of buttermilk, you can use it if you wish, I used whole milk. The pancakes were most delicious, did not have the density of the ones the day before. So gorgeous! You have to work quick with the rolled oats mix as for the batter not to thicken and turn into porridge, but if the batch does, no worries it will come out just fine. Rather than doubling the recipe if wishing for a larger batch, just toss a second one together in seconds. Initially the directions called to ladle with a small ladle but I found to tablespoon the batter works best. I also cut the amount of sugar in the recipe from third cup to a quarter. I also made mini pancakes and feel I can use this batter as a savory healthy substitute for buckwheat yeasted blinis, make these mini pancakes with a touch of salt instead of sugar, or just reduce the amount of sugar to 1 tablespoon and use it in an elegant dinner or upcoming New Year's gathering around the corner. They will still keep fluffy if you make them few hours in advance. So this recipe can take you from holiday breakfast or brunch to an elegant holiday party. I was debating with my good twitter friend, and refined pastry chef Ken@HungryRabbitNYC whether or not caramelized bananas flambe won't be an over kill for this recipe. After the first batch we both ruled against the flambe but now while second batch is behind me, I definitely feel it would pair beautifully together. The pancakes paired really well this evening with the nutty flavor of maple syrup flavor. You can also serve them with seasonal  fruit on the side and lace pancakes and fruit with maple syrup. Original recipe states makes 15 pancakes but mine came out at 12. For mini pancakes teaspoon the batter to make about 24 pancakes. This is the easiest, quickest recipe and will become a healthy delicious new tradition in our household!

Rolled Oats Pancakes

1 cup self rising flour
1 cup rolled oats
1/4 cup sugar in the Raw
3 tablespoons canola oil
1 large egg
1 cup milk
Some oil for brushing before first batch (no need to oil in between batches)

Pre heat a cast iron pan on medium heat.  Add all dry ingredients into a bowl first, then oil, egg and lastly the milk and mix batter. Turn down heat in between low to medium at this point. Brush preheated pan with a bit of oil and scoop a heaping tablespoon into pan. You will see air bubble showing up in batter, that is when you flip the pancake and let it golden on the flipped side. Serve immediately with banana flambe or seasonal fruit, lace with maple syrup for perfect pairing with the rolled oats pancakes! Bon Appetit!!