An Indian Omelet

What came as an invitation from Manisha, at Indian Food Rocks, to join her and Soma, at eCurry at making Indian omelets. Well, simple enough you should think, right?! Not so! Making a perfect omelet or for that matter anything eggs, whether hard boiled, sunny side or poached are a form of art. Jonathan reigns supreme here in this house when it comes to anything eggs. So for this little project it will be a collaboration, if you can call what happened next that. While I am overlooking flavor and ingredients, he will be dealing with the technique and production. Here we go again the reluctant apprentice! (This is Jonathan here, I take issue with "reluctant apprentice," indentured servant is more like it).

Indian omelet typically has cilantro in it but as much as I love cilantro in my omelets I always use flat Italian parsley. Maybe that is my Mediterranean fusion, influence here. You can use cilantro or both. You can sprinkle it with garam masala as a touch before serving. Or serve it for brunch, lunch or dinner with garam masala fried rice, or as we did it with a slice of challa bread and tomato salad on the side.
Collaboration?! More like a snippet into our kitchen banter while making omelets:
Jonathan: Hmm interesting (as I pick up a fork to whisk the eggs)
Me: What? what?
Jonathan: I do it completely different (I haven't done anything yet might I add)
Me: A crack of smile, what will turn into a down spiral of continuous hysterical laughter
Jonathan: sees as I am doomed to be wild, threatens not to let me in into his omelet secrets 'clearly secrets I need to keep to myself, maybe I will put it in my own blog'
Me: Running to tweet his threat
Jonathan: One moment you say something in the privacy of your own home, the next thing someone in Indonesia knows all about it.
Me: laughing hysterically, tears and all.
Jonathan: (while I am still tweeting) Maybe I will just let your omelet burn.

While as you can imagine Jonathan likes to work solo in the kitchen, with calm and focused precision and some music of his choice, somehow in the midst of all this back and forth, Jonathan's omelet came out fantastic. The second omelet I made was pretty much similar to Manisha's technique.
Indian Omelet:

2 Large eggs
Dash or few dashes of red pepper
Salt to taste
Fresh black pepper to taste
1/2 Jalapeno or any hot green pepper, sliced
1/2 Medium onion, diced
Sprinkle of parsley, cilantro or both, chopped
Canola oil

Optional garnish:
Sprinkle of garam masala before serving

Directions, hybrid method:
1. Whisk the eggs with a fork, add salt, black pepper, red pepper, whisk and set aside.
2. In a small skillet add a tablespoon of canola oil on low/medium heat saute onions and jalapeno until soft. Onions will be translucent. Scoop into a small bowl.
3. Add a tablespoon of canola to the same skillet, pour egg mixture and cook half way on low/medium. See photos.
4. Spread jalapeno, onions and parsley over half of the omelet (see photos) and fold omelet into half (see photos again folding plain half with a large slotted spatula over the jalapeno, onion and parsley half.  Cook for couple minutes and flip gently and cook couple minute longer. Serve warm!

Why hybrid? According to Jonathan, he only sautes the onions and places 'strategically' (my word) the sliced jalapeno throughout, I haven't even gotten into the other minuscule differences therefore the hybrid.

My partners in crime:
Manisha's Omelet
Soma's Omelet


  1. This looks like something I would eat: jalapeños and cilantro. Delicious! I think I'm a little bit like Jonathan in the kitchen: I like to do things my way LOL

  2. add cilantro to anything and I'm in! This omelet looks great Shulie and I love the banter/conversation!

  3. You would NOT believe this: when I was making an omelet for the little man this morning, I thought about YOU. I haven't even seen this post yet. I kid you not. Isn't that awesome?

    This is my kind of omelet, Shulie! Thanks for sharing!

  4. :D someone in indonesia knows about it - had me in splits. well done!!! will add your link o to my post now! my site is site:( but as soon as it is up!

  5. Thank you Yuri. Yep probably much like you J is very meticulous. Almost ritualistic:). Thanks Nelly, you are right with those flavors you can only go right, and the banter keeping out life spicy. lol. Thank you Annapet, we are twin souls!! :) Ahahaha thanks Soma. Just don't bust anything laughing:). Fun project with you and Manisha. The link for your omelet is correct. Your site has been experiencing uploading all day, at least from my end.

  6. Shulie, I'm intrigued. As a lover of omelets I'm wondering what an Indian version tastes like. It sounds delightful.

  7. ah! I meant my site is down and I cannot access as an admin and edit stuff. Will add your link of this post to the Omelet group once I have it working and figure out whats wrong with my site.

  8. this looks sooo flavorful! i love using fresh herbs in my dishes. both cilantro and flat leaf parsley are AMAZING. i miss my omelette eating days!

  9. Love it! Beautiful looking omelet! Fabulous collaborative effort! The best part? You both had fun making it. That's what it is all about eventually, right?

    Many hugs to you, Shulie!

  10. HAH! I wish I had met Jonathan, but sometimes I feel like I already have, the way you talk about him. Such a cute post!

  11. Oh ladies I wish I was in this with you. I LOVE LOVE Indian omelet - it takes eggs to whole new level. And Shulie I can totally relate to adding parsley, I often end up doing that when I don't have cilantro. Well done as ALWAYS!

  12. :) So fun! I actually saw this last night in my feed but was so damn sleeping to come over and post something that would make any sense at all... so I'm here today! horaay ha. This omlet is perfect for hubs - he likes jalapenos and veggie loaded stuff. Can we get more banter related posts in the future? :)

  13. Shulie - just added your link to my post.

  14. Thank you Nisrine, indeed delightful!Soma and Manisha, yay partners in crime!!Junia, Thx. You can use egg substitutes. Kulsum, I am sure you could, contact Manisha. & thank you, we are parsley twins:). Thank you Alison, and Angela and Rachel, yep it's quite funny and to what Jonathan said in first paragraph, I answer it's LIFE sentence!! lol

  15. great banter, I love my eggs with a spicy kicsk, great omelet!


  16. Simple and delicious, my kind of meal!

  17. What a great omelet this is! Your pictures say it all-delicious!

  18. Yum, your/Jonathan's omelets look delicious.

  19. Thanks for the glimpse into your life with Jonathan. A sweet conversation between the two of you to go with the beautiful omelet. I would enjoy it any day. :-)

  20. omelet is my all time fav sunday breakfast ! looks yumm :D

  21. hmmmmm . . . Jonathan w/his own blog . . . and really, doesn't he know all bets are off when it comes to husbands cooking in the kitchen and tweeting??? OF COURSE everyone in Indonesia would know his conversation!!

  22. I love spicy and I love coriander, would love this breakfast. I make something similiar, a Persian omelet with lots of greens- dill, coriander, parsley and green onions.

  23. Wow! Looks perfect and beautiful pictures.I could not take my eyes of it

  24. Love the lively and vibrant picture! That kitchen banter is what is making the recipe more spicy and flavorful :)

  25. This omelet looks wonderful, my sweet friend.I usually add parsley to my Italian time will use your recipe and add cilantro! You and Jonathon sound adorable and like lots of fun in the kitchen ;)

  26. Looks wonderful, Shulie! The perfect omelet!

  27. Even being an avid lover of Indian food, I swear I'd never heard of an Indian omelette until recently and suddenly I've seen 2 in a day. Looks so yummy!

  28. I love that picture of the bowl on the egg crate and your omelets look perfect! Think I'll go whip one up for breakfast.
    Luv the banter back and forth. Too funny. :)