Aloo Gobi - Indian Potato and Cauliflower Curry a Guest Post for Rasa Malaysia

So excited to share with you my Aloo Gobi recipe on Rasa Malaysia's site.I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bee for having me in her fabulous Rasa Malaysia space. I have been following Rasa Malaysia ever since I launched my site a couple years ago this winter. If it weren’t for Bee I would not have been introduced to Malaysian and other unfamiliar to my palate South Asian cuisines. I love the fact that she is a new mom to a baby boy as I sent mine off to college. These moments with your baby are so precious Bee! Enjoy!
Not only is Bee a mom to a baby boy, running an internationally renowned Rasa Malaysia and other food sites, but she is also now a cookbook author to the recently released and much anticipated Easy Chinese Recipes Cookbook, beautifully photographed and food styled as well by her.

Aloo Gobi, potatoes and cauliflower, a traditional Northern Indian Punjabi dry curry dish is very popular across the entire Indian sub continent. There are a few ways of cooking this dish and restaurants adjust their method of cooking for last minute assembly.
Some fry them first, but I prefer to let the dish cook on low/medium heat while it’s releasing its moisture and cooks in its own juices until the potatoes melt like butter, while the cauliflower still maintains some crunchiness.
I favor the frying method when it comes to okra. I did not add the amchoor powder, mango powder (see optional section), as my mom always served a wedge of lemon or lime along any curry dish she cooked for that extra tanginess if desired.
But....for the recipe, tips, optional and alternative ingredients and garnishes make sure to hop over to Rasa Malaysia but not before following Bee on twitter and Facebook.