Maple, Raisins and Rolled Oats Cookies & Extra Bonus Rolled Oats Cookie Recipe

I bake, but baking with yeast as in these Quince Challah Knots is what I like best. 

In the past couple of years, thanks to you my friends, I mustered the courage and patience to embark on Holiday cookie baking. Although you will see in my cook's tips at the bottom of this post I advise you to follow the directions in the recipes, but the rebel in me got the best of me and I had to make some changes. Completely unruly. I did experiment all week long and mounds of cookies later I came up with this post.

Although I also baked these fussy sublimely elegant Meyer Lemon Butter Cookie Sandwiches this week among other cookies, I wish to focus on rolled oats granola cookies in this post. You might remember my Rolled Oats Pancakes - Quick, Healthy and Delicious! and my obsession with all things oats. When I stop by a bakery, Starbucks, Wegman's or Whole Foods bakery counters, I always ogle those gigantic oat cookie beauties, but every single time without fail, I talk myself out of buying one, and think to myself I could probably bake them myself. Same or even better.

Honestly falling into cookie abyss as I call it, yes, there is nothing better than the warmth of stepping into a home when a fresh batch of cookies is baking in the oven. Only thing, after a week long of ooey gooey sweetness that laced the air, it got me so light headed that I had to go outside for fresh cold crisp air. Good thing Wizzy had to be watched outside so the coyote won't snag him as a bony lunch or that he won't crawl into the rain water drain chasing a chipmunk or a squirrel. Prying Wizard away from the drain is practically impossible!

You probably gathered by now that I fondly like to complain about this cookie madness and if I didn't embark on it I would feel the void. With saying that, I am completely content to leave the cookie baking to you my friends mostly for the rest of the year and join you only in December! :) Now I am off to have something savory!

I used Martha Stewart's recipes for both Maple, Raisins Rolled Oats and the Cardamon, Honey, Sour Cherries Rolled Oats Cookies. In the recipes I made the following adjustments:

Maple, Raisins Rolled Oats Cookies
Original recipe is called Anytime Oatmeal Cookies

Instead of:
2/3 cup packed light-brown sugar
1/3 cup granulated sugar
I used:
2/3 cup Sugar in the Raw
1/3 cup maple syrup
Instead of:
Golden raisins
I used:
Dark raisins

Cardamon, Honey, Sour Cherries Rolled Oats Cookies
Original recipe is called Chewy Cherry-Oatmeal Cookies

Instead of:
1 cup packed light-brown sugar
1/4 cup honey

I used:
3/4 cup Sugar in the raw
1/2 cup honey
Instead of: 
1 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
I used:
1/2 teaspoon ground cardamon
Since light brown sugar is packed with moisture and I used Sugar in the Raw instead, I compensated with the maple syrup and honey.

In my state of cookie panic yet again I turned to twitter for help. Today I was discussing the issue of freezing cookies and want to thank @scatteredmom, @thebravetart, @sarahklinkowitz, @Izzbell, @jesshose, @paulashoyer and @MrGuilt for their sound cookie advice.

Tips based on my week long experimentation:
1. These cookies are best same day. If freezing or storing the cookies then the consistency of the cookie will be a bit softer.
2. After cooling completely at room temperature, transfer to one baking sheet. Lay flat in one layer. Best way to keep edges crisp and chewy inside, if consumed the same day. No need to store in air tight container unless storing overnight on the counter or freezing.
3. Take out of oven carefully. Make sure the parchment paper doesn't slide. The cookie will break as it is very soft. At that point the butter didn't cool down and set the cookie yet. Once cooled down the cookie isn't that fragile. :)
4. Important to follow directions in the recipe. Unlike my mishap in first granola cookie batch I added the sugar into the dry ingredients mix and didn't whip it into the butter. Oops! The look of the cookie suffered. The texture and taste were good.
5. While previous batch is in the oven I keep the rest of the raw dough refrigerated and scoop it into a parchment paper lined cookie sheet just before inserting the tray into the oven.
6. I used a heaping melon ball scooper.
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