Rolled Oats, Cardamon, Cara Cara & Blood Oranges Porridge

You would think me Goldilocks. (**)

Growing up I loathed porridge. My mom used to make it especially when we were young with semolina and sometimes rice. You can imagine my contorted young face, my eyes rolling as I get nauseated just from the thought and anticipation of what's simmering in the sauce pan on top of the gas stove in our tiny kitchen. My mom was determined to get some cheap and quick nutritious breakfast into our skinny bodies. Spoon feeding us on a busy morning, just moments before we bolt out the door, late, to school. That was kindergarten and first grade. My mom already on kid number five and pregnant again. I got no memories of porridge thereafter.
As much as I loathed porridge, I loved the romantic notion of it in Goldilocks and The Three Bears throughout my childhood and into my adulthood. I was the protagonist in the fairy tale floating from one bowl to the next and breaking baby bear's chair, weren't we all?! Years later we bought a house of bricks but that is another fairy tale.
Today, not one bowl full since kindergarten and first grade, a sudden craving came over me for porridge.  I was hoping my craving would disappear into thin air and dissipate. Sunday came and my curious craving not lost, intensified, and I caved in.
Rolled Oats, Cardamon, Cara Cara and Blood Oranges Porridge
(Adapted from Al HaShulchan Magazine)

1 1/2 cups rolled oats
3/4-1 cups water
3/4-1 cups milk
1/4 spoon cardamon
4 tablespoons honey
1 Cara Cara orange, segmented*
1 blood orange, segmented*

Add oats, milk and water into a medium sauce pan and bring to a boil. Reduce to low heat and stir in cardamon. Cook on low, uncovered for up to 10 minutes, depending on consistency desired. Stir in honey immediately after taking off the heat. Pour into bowls while hot, garnish with sectioned oranges and serve.
*My friend Brian @MyFoodThoughts's {Back to basics: Segmenting Citrus}
* The Kitchn's How to Segment an Orange (or Any Citrus Fruit)

**My friend Annapet @TheDailyPalette dubbed me Goldilocks on twitter

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