Frozen Passion Fruit Mousse with White Chocolate Shavings

Super excited to share my Frozen Passion Fruit Mousse with White Chocolate Shavings appearing in The Washington Post, All we Can Eat today, titled 'Mousse call for Passover'. I hope to soon write about the whirlwind, a comedy of sorts, that I go through even when it comes to one single recipe. Read what inspired this delicious, simple yet elegant dessert and get the recipe here to brighten up your holidays. Enjoy the additional photos not appearing in The Washington Post. Scroll little acknowledgment and announcement below.

I wish to acknowledge a friend who's macs are executed with intricate precision, Annapet of The Daily Palette. She now is dabbling in sugar craft, you would never guess she is a beginner, just look at her twitter avatar. Annapet started experimenting with Italian meringue for macs just shortly before I did so I was picking her brain, on dm, while I started playing with Italian meringue over the winter months, for krembo and this frozen Passion Fruit Mousse dessert.
Lastly, I will be teaching a number of Indian Cooking classes at the state of the art Living Social at 918 F St.  facilities. The classes were announced today. I hope to meet, in real life, many familiar faces from the DC metro area and it is a short trip, for a fun outing in DC, whether you are in Baltimore, Richmond or Philadelphia. Click here to sign up!