#WeCare Sandy Outreach

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy's devastation, the damage endured would be days, months, possibly a life time to recover. Not to mention the life lost, I just can't imagine. Today, there are still homes stranded without power. With the temperatures plummeting the challenges are mounting. It will be months, even years before this haze will become crystal clear. Only when I saw the photographs of toppled cars over fences, power lines down and wooden houses along the shore lines pulverized into saw dust, did I understand how powerful nature was in its path of destruction.

Watching this video Rockaway Needs Us sent chills down my spine. Sadness. So surreal yet real!

We as a community are set to do something, small, reach out and encourage all our friends to donate to the Red Cross, however much you can afford. Every little bit helps in the process of rebuilding and recovering the devastated communities.

Other ways to help, throughout the month of November, Macy's is accepting donations at all store registers. They will match dollar for dollar.

My computer was acting up so I couldn't join a few days back. I am still facing challenges, so am not publishing a recipe here, but including an image of a fig, illustrated by the very talented Alex Savakis, as part of a project for my site. Art and creativity makes us all the more human!