Silent Sunday - Clementines

Every now and then on a Sunday, sometimes on a Wednesday, I will upload photos of the seasonal weekend bounty I get at the Farmers' Markets, Costco, Asian or other grocery stores. If you've been following me for three years or so, you might remember my Costco Finds and Farmers' Markets installments.
Speaking of Costco finds, these are bursting with flavor Jaffa clementines I found there. Firm and delicious. It gave me some comfort to find these beauties as I neglected to photograph the orange groves on a Moshav I was staying at, on my recent trip to Israel, and the citrus trees, I particularly recall a lemon tree, in my sister's yard. It was a combination of the volatile weather conditions and pressing family matters I had to attend to.
Many of these photos will be raw ingredients, as with the clementines, that we love to just snack on. No cooking, no messing around, purely fresh, without any loss of the Cs.


  1. Picture number 3 is gorgeous. Love your photography, Shulie!

  2. So pretty. I adore clementines and eat them all winter!

  3. THank you all & Nisrine, it is always interesting to see which one someone likes best.:)