DC Eats & Food: My Lunches with Jeanne: Taylor Gourmet

Out of all the new developments in the Mosaic District, I was happiest with the arrival of this eatery, Taylor Gourmet. Funny thing is, don't let the contemporary industrial design interior and façade fool you, the deep hued, wooden beams exude warmth and the vibe is of a neighborhood joint.
One of the managers, if not both, even knows my custom made hoagie by heart. Aren't I special?! (insert Dana Carvey's voice here). Truth to be told, I visit there more often than I wish to admit, so no wonder. Grilled chicken cutlets on a whole wheat hoagie roll, pesto, diced grilled bell peppers and spicy pepper relish, I inhale without fail, every single time I go there for a late, late lunch. Sometimes when I feel like I need to 'healthify' my lunch further, I am compelled to jazz it up with some peppery arugula.
Taylor Gourmet is inspired by Philly style hoagies, according to one of the owners, David, 35, a PA transplant, who zipped over to meet with me the other day. David and his business partner, buddy, Casey, 32, have very different and distinct roles in this up and coming, DC based, hoagies done right, growing empire. Casey has the food background, while David's background is in construction.
What appealed to me, in addition to the flavorful food, is the green philosophy of both entrepreneurs. Repurposed oil barrels as giant patina chandeliers, are smart, cost cutting design elements but also environmentally conscientious. The seal on the wooden tables and planks is non toxic, soy based, to ensure indoor air quality. These are just a couple among other "eco-practices" as they put it on their website.
A year ago, according to David, when President Obama held a small business roundtable at their 14th St. DC location, it catapulted Taylor Gourmet into national name recognition. Not a direct quote but paraphrased. David seemed very down to earth. A poster child (man) for his own brand.  Immediately after the roundtable, POTUS brought some hoagies from 14th St. to a meeting with some members of Congress. You can read all about it on The White House blog.
On the menu you can find traditional meatball hoagies to vegetarian options and build your own with on point, robust flavors. Sinful risotto balls with melting, oozing cheese on the inside are well worth the indulgence.
With eight Taylor Gourmet locations opened over the last five years, Mosaic District is the first Northern Virginia shop. Don't be surprised if a couple more will be sprouting around the corner in your neighborhood. Possibly a Reston, Arlington and/or Rosslyn eateries are on the horizon, so stay tuned! Don't forget, you first got the scoop, hot off the presses, here!

...and to all the single ladies out there, haven't seen a ring on it! (ahem, David!)

Taylor Gourmet
Mosaic District, Merrifield, VA
2905 District Dr. #160
Fairfax, VA

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While I was meeting with David, Jeanne was on a vacation in China. True.

Disclaimer: I do not get comped by restaurants or their PR agencies to write these posts. I foot the bill myself. I will share only places I love. This series begun as an iPhone series but this post was shot with my Nikon.


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