Travel Sunday: DC Monuments & Scenes

Travel Sunday focuses on DC snapshots. Spring is especially gorgeous in the DC area. The cherry blossoms were yet to fully bloom due to the cold weather lingering. The one or two trees in full bloom around the Tidal Basin were flocked with tourists so my efforts to capture the buds were a complete bust. Today, I am sharing with you my favorite snapshots from my weekend outing. First up Roosevelt Memorial.
Above is another scene from Roosevelt Memorial. I framed it wider, the fourth photo below is framed tighter. I would be curious which one you like better?
Still...Roosevelt Memorial.
Here above is that tighter snapshot. Do you like one over the other?
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.
The Korean War Veterans Memorial above, probably one of my favorite memorials, snapshot came out naturally eery, around 7 or 8am when I snapped it.