Broccolini in Avocado Dressing & Grated Hard Boiled Eggs

We've been mainly bumming around this weekend. Jonathan has been traveling quite a bit recently and been sneaking in naps, in between all the errands, and long to do list. He decided on mowing the lawn on Sunday but not before he checked the weather forecast. It's been two weeks since he mowed the lawn last and it's already looking like brush in the jungle. Images of Sherpas and machetes crossing my mind, and yes, the mosquitos and a plague of cicadas are soon to arrive. For the time being the gnats are being a major pest but honestly we've been enjoying a really pleasant spring-like weather, so no complaints.
While Jonathan stepped out to bring his car to the garage, around the corner, for inspection, I decided to cook everything Ottolenghi. I love his column in The Guardian. I haven't seen identical recipes in either Plenty or Jerusalem. I find the dishes to be restaurant worthy. Sophistication of taking something familiar and giving it a twist that only he can do with such brilliance.  As much as we like to dine out, we love even more dining in, so I decided on making these dishes at home, and have a weekend long Ottolenghi marathon. Besides, we do not live in London.
The original recipe is with asparagus. I changed it a tad. I didn't have horseradish, so I added to the avocado dressing a small slice of jalapeƱo. I also blanched the broccolini for 3-4 minutes, instead of 1 minute as the recipe says, and drained quickly under cold water. I didn't char or grill them after. I added all the dressing ingredients into a food processor including two pinches of cumin seeds, maybe 1/4 teaspoon total, if that. I didn't wish for the cumin to overwhelm the dish. I didn't add any cream. Come to think of it, I forgot to garnish with parsley but the dish was still mighty delicious!

I should add, that not in a million years would I ever consider to make avocado dressing, sauce or a smoothie, for fear of oxidization, until I came across this recipe. It is indeed an avocado mayonnaise-like and maintains a fair pale-ish green color.

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