Sullivan Street Bakery, Doughnut Plant & Thanksgiving Weekend Highlights in NYC

This post is way overdue. We have since made another trip to NYC which I wrote about here and more writing soon to follow.

So most of you already know of our epic trip to NYC over Thanksgiving weekend (2013). Epic is a real stretch since we were traveling with Wizard, our beagle, who at the time was in need of spinal surgery. His hind legs, in particular, were numb from pinched nerves and displaced spinal discs. Poor Wizzy was not himself, but medicated. We met up with our son who came down from UMASS Amherst to spend the holiday weekend with us. As it turns out, S has many college buddies who are from NYC and nearby in NJ. He went to an Indie concert with his friends and helped babysit Wizard when Jonathan and I were off on our food wanderings.

Challah by Breads Bakery & Some "NYC meets TLV" Writing

Breads Bakery: NYC meets TLV

On a bustling lunch hour at noon on a Wednesday, a snail like line of preschoolers were putting their plastic caps on, to cover their heads, before getting a behind the scenes look at Breads Bakery. This was the third school tour at Breads Bakery on this chilly, wintery day. The open door policy and warmth of Breads Bakery makes sense once you meet the Israeli owners Gadi Peleg and Uri Scheft.

North African Lettuce Chicken: Illustrated by Alex Savakis

Today, I wish to feature one of my all time favorite illustrators, Alex Savakis. You might recall Alex illustrated the Food Wanderings' banner for my site. Since then we've become good friends.