Strawberry Farro Salad with Goat Cheese

I am documenting here a photography project I was working on in collaboration with California Strawberries. I was hired to photograph a recipe and provide California Strawberries with some images. With strawberry season upon us, I wished to provide Food Wanderings' readers, here, a glimpse into the photos and a link to this fantastic healthy recipe.

This dish is a cross between a strawberry farro salad and a 'risotto' if served immediately, warm, If you let the strawberry farro sit refrigerated for a couple of days, the farro will soak up more of the strawberry puree/vinaigrette. It's an inventive recipe. The farro is beautifully painted with strokes of the strawberry red. Roasting the strawberries draws the sweetness out of this ruby red fruit. The chewiness of the farro is very pleasing, something I am very partial to, and a great contrast as well as balance to the strawberries.
I needed a refresher about nutrition and other fun facts about strawberries, and found great information on California Strawberries website. On nutrition here, for those of you who have school age kids at home, on how to build a better lunch box here, and tips on selecting, storing and freezing strawberries here. If you missed the link to the Strawberry Farro Salad with Goat Cheese recipe above, hop over to the link here. Not gonna lie the photo looks even better on California Strawberries' site.