Masala Chai Ice Cream

I never developed a taste for Indian masala chai while growing up. On those rare occasions, when my mom had a moment, relishing a long drawn sip of freshly brewed masala chai, I would watch her, puzzled.

Indulging in this spiced Indian concoction was emblematic of her relatively carefree days of being a nursing school student in India. This chai sipping 'ritual' transported her back to where she was born and raised. Images of the chai wallahs, chai vendors, and street scenes from Mumbai, I imagine, came sweeping over her.
Saying "chai tea" is redundant. Chai in Hindi means tea. In essence when someone says, "chai tea," they are just repeating "tea" twice, "tea tea." When referring to this aromatic spiced tea, we call it "masala chai." Masala means mix of spices.
Hop over to Jewish Food Experience for the rest of the "Chai Sameach to you" article and the Masala Chai Ice Cream recipe I developed for Passover. See related ice cream links below.
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