The Kitchenthusiast: Back-to-School Apple Fruit Roll-Ups

I am super excited about my new professional gig, contributing from time to time to the awesome KitchenAid blog, The Kitchenthusiast. My kitchen counter has been flooded with KitchenAid appliances for over two decades now so the new collaboration is a no brainer. I have written in the past about dehydrated apples but never got around to posting about fruit roll-ups. For developing this super simple recipe I used the KitchenAid diamond blender. I received the complimentary blender just in time, since I gave my old KitchenAid blender to my son, who is in college, to make his post work-out protein shakes and smoothies. Head over to The Kitchenthusiast to check out the recipe for this super healthy snack and my post. Just in time for apple fall harvest season and back to school snacks.

I was compensated by KitchenAid for developing the recipe and writing the post on The Kitchenthusiast. In addition the KitchenAid diamond blender was sent to me by KitchenAid for testing the recipe and safekeeping.  This post represents my own opinions.