Persimmon Flan

Growing up my mom used to make flan. It's actually the only thing she made out of a packet and not from scratch. I believe I was the only one who devoured it. I don't think my five brothers and sisters really cared much for it. 

Mediterranean Pickled Turnips

Turnips, IMHO, together with rutabaga, are possibly the most boring root vegetables (sorry, turnips!), if it weren't for the pickled version which jazzes it up to an incredibly tasty, briny crunch. A great condiment in a pita with falafel or schawarma, or just in a plain ole' sandwich. It's also perfect as a mezze or a game day snack along with a cold beer. Besides, it just nice to make ahead and have these pinkish savory bites around the holidays.

Potatoes & Green Peas Samosas at The Kitchenthusiast

My Back-to-School Apple Fruit Roll-Ups post  kicked off my professional collaboration with KitchenAid. As I mentioned before, my kitchen counter is jam-packed with KitchenAid appliances so this collaboration came natural. Today, I am sharing a samosa recipe that is near and dear to my heart over at The Kitchenthusiast, The KitchenAid blog.