Potatoes & Green Peas Samosas at The Kitchenthusiast

My Back-to-School Apple Fruit Roll-Ups post  kicked off my professional collaboration with KitchenAid. As I mentioned before, my kitchen counter is jam-packed with KitchenAid appliances so this collaboration came natural. Today, I am sharing a samosa recipe that is near and dear to my heart over at The Kitchenthusiast, The KitchenAid blog.
I have meant to share this recipe for a while now. This recipe is different from the ever so popular 2011 Lentil Stuffed Samosas guest post, by my friend Kulsum, from Journey Kitchen. Head over to my post at the KitchenAid blog for over 10 images, step by step process shots and the recipe. 
I was compensated by KitchenAid for developing the recipe and writing the post on The Kitchenthusiast. In addition the KitchenAid food processor was sent to me by KitchenAid for testing the recipe and safekeeping.  This post represents my own opinions.