I had a quiet lunch with a friend at Centrolina two weeks after it opened. Just before it became the hottest ticket in town following a positive first look by The Washington Post’s restaurant critic. 

The seasonal, multi–region Italian restaurant is situated in the new, high–end CityCenterDC development. While the restaurant’s interior is airy and clean, the space exudes warmth from the open kitchen, wood detailing and firewood neatly stacked at the entrance. 
Above is my first paragraph introduction in my most recent piece for The Jewish Food Experience. Head over to read what else to expect from this newly opened DC restaurant, about the chef and the Jewish connection in the article titled "Front and Centrolina." 

I have been on the DC/NYC route recently as you saw in this post. Our lives are crazy (though not complaining!), with Jonathan working at a client's in Jersey, commuting non-stop. It's exhausting, for him. S moved to Hoboken just last week, rooming with one of his best college buddies and looking for a job. Since the doughnut post, I found myself back here in NYC this week. Fortunately, I can write from anywhere, though posting and photographing recipes is more of a challenge. I promise some fun ones with recipes are in the pipeline. Six strands rings a bell?! Ahem!

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