New Year's Eve mock salmon cake

This mock deep salmon colored cake is's all vegetarian sweet potato pancake toppped with a touch of Meyer lemon jam and a fresh mint leaf.   Perefct, smart and sophisticated  for a small New Year's Eve bite and entertaining.  As you can see many recipes can be modified easily and once you make sauces,
spreads and jams, they can become handy, take a new, refreshed and vibrant look every single time.To beautify the plate drop three drops of Meyer lemon jam with out strands of Meyer lemon peel, on the plate in a circular pattern around the cake, as illustrated in photograph above.

This is an identical recipe from  'A tale of parsnip pancake' of Dec. 9.  Substitute parsnip with sweet potato, bake at 400F as directed. I now always bake these cakes instead of frying.  The Jam recipe is from the post 'Meyer lemons and other citrus in the snow' of Dec. 1.

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