Perfect Holiday Brunch, Indian twist to French crepes, pancakes the theme continues....

This is our ritual Sunday morning brunch if we are around, but perfect for a lazed opening presents snowy mornings.  Hot chocolate and crispy at the edges French crepes filled with mini chocolate chips, maple syrup, homemade clementine or Meyer lemon jams (see Dec. 1 Meyer lemons entry), or just dusted with confectioners sugar.  Some citrus compote, citrus salad, or halved grapefruit and orange juice on the side. Sunday morning French crepe brunch makes grand memories for a small family like ours and hopefully brings some warm memories to yours. For those of you who opt for Chinese take-out Christmas Day it's about time to start a new tradition!! This recipe is adapted from a vegetarian cookbook I bought years ago, The Complete Vegetarian Cuisine by Rose Elliot (1988). Just looked it up on Amazon and saw the new revised version of 1996. I must admit, although I am certain there are many great recipes in this cookbook, page 299, pancakes, is worn out due to repetitive use. I double the recipe and use only three eggs instead of four when doubled, otherwise it tatstes too eggy.  I also use only half a teaspoon of salt for the doubled recipe instead of a full teaspoon.  I add sugar to the batter according to taste for sweet crepes. If deciding on making savory crepes do not add sugar to batter.  My mom makes very similar Indian crepes at home but she has an Indian twist to greasing the pan, I absolutely savor the dimension it brings to sweet or savory crepe, only if my guys would agree....My mom halves an onion, unpeeled, with stem, spreads margarine (margarine?!, explaination follows) at the bottom of the stemmed halved onion, holds on to the stem of the onion, and rubs the onions inside the hot frying or crepe pan to grease it, it will sizzle!! Use papertowel to rub off excess oil from pan. It's absolutely divine served with sprinkled granulated sugar inside and dusted with confectioners sugar outside, that is still to this day the way I like it!!  My mom also uses a cup of orange juice instead of milk in order to keep the recipe parve, which brings me back to the margarine, which is used for the same exact reason instead of butter or ghee (Indian clarified butter). After years of making French crepes my mom's way, just like at home growing up, the guys, especially Sagie nudged me gently to cease with the onion rub. I still feel my mom's method is the best!! One last tip, do not overwork the batter, it will toughen up.  Best to beat with a whisk and strain through a sieve for a smooth lump free batter. Oh, forgot to mention that the first pancake, feed to the dog, it won't come out perfectly, trust me!!

French crepe ingerdients (doubled already):
Makes 12-14 crepes
1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 eggs
2-4 tablespoons sugar or according to taste
4 tablespoons canola oil
1 cup milk
1 cup water
Canola oil, or melted butter for greasing pan
Nestle's mini morsels chocolate chips
Homemade celementine and Meyer lemon marmalade
Confectioners sugar and granulated sugar
Maple syrup grade A medium
Mix first seven ingrediens, flour, salt, eggs, sugar, canola oil, milk and water.  Beat with a whisk, keep strokes to 10-15 strokes until blended well, or put seven ingredients in food processor for a quick whizz. Strain through a sieve.  Heat up a non stick pan or a crepe pan on medium, grease pan once hot, shortening should sizzle, and ladel batter. twirl batter around pan for a thin layer. Gently pry edges with a knife around the pan. Cook until golden and flip with a spatula, see bubbles in picture, once flipped. It takes few seconds only to cook after flipping crepe.  Once you take pancake out, while still warm, sprinkle mini chocolate chip morsels and fold.  The heat will melt the chocolate morsels. See two folding methods I used in photographs,  to distinguish the plain crepes from the chocolate chip filled ones. Serve with Maple syrup, jams, confectioner's sugar, granulated sugar, chocolate chips and more.  Can make a day ahead and reaheat at 350F oven until warm.  In that case, add fillings after reheating. Enjoy!! Wishing you a Happy and Tasty Holiday Season!!

REMEMBER: first one will come out 'messed up' not despair, the rest will be perfect!! I feed the first to Wizard.  Pancake is one of his much varied vocabulary, Jonathan is doubtful and questions Wizard's intellectual abilities!!
Variation: dessert crepe suzzette, recipe coming soon!!
Must admit the pattern of golden in the pancakes today came out picture perfect!!
Allergy note: Even chocolates which do not contain nuts might be processed on the same equipment as chocolates made with nuts.  Luckily labelling in the Unites States is strict. Cocoa powders are one, Hershey's chocolate chips are another as well as Nestle's real semi sweet chocolate mini morsels. Always, always check labels, things can change from day to day!

Parve suggestions: Substitute orange juice for milk and use canola oil or margarine for greasing pan instead of butter.


  1. Just looking at these pictures make me drool. I'm going to try some of these recipes very soon!!

  2. Thanks Diane, it worked!! Let me know how your dishes come out...Happy New Year!!

  3. Inspiring! Such gorgeous photos! I love to make crepes... I use a simple recipe from The Joy of Cooking, but I want to try your recipe. I like the idea of Meyer lemon marmalade. Mmmm Brunch is my favorite meal!

  4. Thanks Ashley!! I think you will enjoy these! Also saw at WholeFoods some remnants of Meyer Lemons as recent as last week. make sure they are not too soft. The Meyer Lemon Jam is amazing! You can use the jam in savory and sweet dishes. I served it along potato, leek pancakes, fish, crepes, bagels and more. Very versatile!

  5. those remind me of the ones my mom makes! Yum! Sometimes we make them w/savory filling of chili, sour cream, cheese and avocado :)

  6. Ooooooh savory sounds yum Olga! My aunt used to make them filled with spinach amd some with mushrooms. Aren't those memories the best?!

  7. Lovely! I want to come to your house for breakfast.

  8. Looks delicious, Shulie. Wouldn't mind this today. :)
    That trick of making the griddle "non-stick" is something I still do when making dosas. You can use half a potato too.

  9. golly-wally these look FABULOUS!!! i would love, love, love these ANY day!! and i think Wizard is one lucky dog to get all the 'bad' ones - LOL!! uh, and pass along to Jonathan, that i think that makes Wizzie pretty darn smart!!

  10. Crepes have been on my must make list for a long time and This recipe sounds perfect. Bookmarked!

  11. Love this and agree, perfect for a Sunday morning - simple and so delicious, plus everyone can cater to what they want their fillings to be!