Spring in our Garden

We are behind with yard work but first signs of Spring are already here.  The crocuses have come and gone, the lone surviving cherry tree in our yard is blooming and the salvaged wild azalea is budding.  My fantasies of a condo in the city are gone come Spring time.  Daffodils, bleeding heart, nandina's berries are drying and the yellow forsythia all are just a beginning of our garden coming alive.  To the hooting owl just outside our bedrooms window joined a whole orchestra chirping.  Every year a bird makes a nest in the paper delivery box right next to the mail box. I could tell you many stories of my transformation from a city girl, to what I call a country one.  I would like to share one.  The first two pics in this post are of a budding wild azalea that was salvaged from just up the street.  Actually around the street bend, pass the stream, down and then up the hill, A developer bought acres of land and flattened it, only to build big expensive houses.  These beautiful acres now barren.  With the initiative of my neighbor, who knows quite a bit about gardening and plants, we carried shovels and rolled wheelbarrows to try to salvage as many plants as we can, before the bulldozer comes.  Two crazy woman!  My two great successes from that adventure few years ago are, first the wild azalea, which almost died before rejuvenating and becoming a healthy big shrub, hiding modestly just behind the nandinas.  The second is a lilac, that in my northern exposure yard, was yearning for sun, reaching higher and higher towards the sky.  A stubborn one! Only last year, during the Summer, if only a few, but nevertheless fragrant blossom flourished on my lilac. My garden inspires me and makes me happy, I hope the glimpses of the photographs will make you happy too! Happy Holidays!


  1. oh wow! those daffodils are GORGEOUS

  2. Thanks Olga and Adrienne. Hope you are enjoying the gorgeous weather.