Eight Ball and Corn Fritters

I have these images of 'Indianized' zucchini and corn fritters for awhile now. I have experimented with them for Passover, back in March, with Matza (unleavened bread) which proved to be a disaster. The nagging of the images and the fantasy of the flavor kept me unsettled so I went to Whole Foods to pick up some fresh corn and zucchini where I bumped into Eight Ball and Baby Boo (see recipe for Baby Boo from previous post here).
You would think we were in Vegas or some smoky parlor with names such as that, but once I laid my eyes on these beauties I couldn't resist but have them. Baby Boo proved to be thin skinned great for stuffing and I would grate Eight Ball just like any other zucchini (I guess I should have bought just a plain old zucchini) but still I desired them and next thing I know they were home with me. What started as corn zucchini fritters, Indianized, now became two recipes. Stuffed Baby Boo from my previous post and this zucchini corn fritters, 'Indianized'. There was a bit of comedy of errors with the names, they were not posted on the signs so I called the produce department at Whole Foods today, they were very helpful, but in between the guy's accent and mine it was like the blind leading the blind. He insisted the zucchini is called 'Eat Ball' and the Baby Boo white pumpkin sounded to me like 'Betty Bang' we were like dogs running in circles trying to chase our tails and getting nowhere...until I googled it and ran into The Nibble website with great squash glossary you will find here. You can imagine how delighted I was when I saw the names for these lovely Summer squashes.

I wanted to give this classic Indian recipe a Summer and American flair with Eight Ball as a Summer squash and corn as North American reigning vegetable.  From a quick internet search I gathered, corn is a cultivated grass. Although the ancestry of squash is American the zucchini, a Summer squash, was developed in Italy. The Eight Ball is a Summer round hybrid zucchini.  The cross pollination in many cases is done in an open air field between spherical squashes to zucchini to maintain as much as possible to characteristics of the zucchini.

Ingredients and Directions you will find here.
Instead of 3 onions use the following:
1 large onion
2 eight ball zucchini, grated
Corn kernels from one cooked fresh corn
2 eggs instead of 1
3/4 cups of chickpea flour instead of 1/2
Rest of the ingredients and directions follow as above or here,
Serve with mango chutney in the link above.
*Note on Eight Ball: The zucchini releases a lot of water therefore more binding in form of egg and chickpea flour needed. You can also use Eight Ball for stuffing the way Baby Boo was used in previous post here.


  1. These fritters look incredible and I love the picture with the pup! So adorable!

    Now I need to get my hands on some Eight Ball zucchinis.

  2. Thank you Brian. They came out exactly as I imagined them, it's a winning combination. So delicious with a bite. I will relay your comment to Wizard:). Can make with plain old zucchini too but so much more fun with an eight ball:)

  3. those are beautiful fritters.....wow...I want some of those right now!!

  4. Indian latkes...I love it. Could be a good way to get kids to eat more veges!

  5. Thank you A Little Yumminess:). I got about four or five latke recipes on the blog two Indian. Potato/parsnip is am idea too. Parsnip makes it sweeter.

  6. These corn fritters look so good. They're perfectly caramelized/browned.

  7. I have to make these. I have not cooked with much corn recently and corn goes over well, in my house. These are colorful.