Exotic fruit and my first giveaway

I have seen chatter on twitter in favor and against giveaways. I haven't really thought about it much but on impulse decided on a giveaway. Might I add it's a non foodie giveaway on a food blog. The one year anniversary for my blog is in November, and if you do the math it's already past my six month anniversary, but it's my 23rd year wedding anniversary to a great guy this Monday, July 12. My husband and my son are the biggest and best things that happened to me, but I do take immense pleasure in the little things in life as well.
As recently as last Thursday I was dotting all over the metro DC area and one of my stops was at the Korean grocery store which brings me to this challenge, but wait, for just few moments, at the market I was astounded to find organic beech mushrooms, I also picked some passion fruit, guavas and the fruit above. I also happened to run into two little old Asian nuns carrying heavy grocery bags as I was walking out to my car. It felt surreal, time was suspended, lapsed and I was in some other place and time. It was Fairfax! The next day, on Friday, at a dinner for an American friend who is living in Paris visiting home, I was telling our guests of my organic encounter and the nuns. Our friends were convinced the nuns were Buddhist nuns, only thing they were wearing crosses, so maybe Korean catholic nuns?! It brought up images from Italy or Coptic priests in Jerusalem and all that while I was seeking madly for produce for a dinner party. I felt like a stalker and wanted to approach these two old Asian nuns but I did not want to scare them, and what if they did not speak English and maybe they do not wish to be gawked at. I should know a thing or two about that. Just like this story I thought it would be wonderful to hear yours as related to this fruit. Not many rules about this giveaway. Please leave a comment in the comment section of what fruit is this and any real story you wish that is connected to this exotic fruit. It has to be a real story even if you make new memories or if this image evokes thoughts related to this exotic specimen. The story can be like the one I just told, it can be about the sensation of the fruit, memories growing up eating it or anything you wish to share even if you never encountered or tasted this fruit. Again, please remember to name the fruit first if you can! Looking forward to reading all your comments! Now to the giveaway, I import handmade fashion jewelry and art on leather belts, bags an wallet line from wonderful artists in Israel. This necklace is made by one of my favorite artists, Gabi. It's a versatile crochet necklace and the winner can pick the gold color crochet or silver. The beads are mostly Czech glass beads. Instructions on few different ways of wearing the necklace will be attached. You can wear it casual to dress up your jean and t-shirt or for special occasion.  Girls, I look forward to your comments. If you are a guy, not married or do not have a female partner, I am sure you have a woman in your life you wish to gift this necklace to, a mom or a friend, so please feel free to leave your comment as well! See pic of giveaway below. Deadline for comments is July 30, 2010. Winner will be announced July 31, 2010. Free shipping in US and Canada only.

*Hint: Fruit found in South America and Asia but cultivated now in Israel as well, where I was born and raised and introduced to this fleshy, sweet, exotic fruit.