Stuffed Baby Boo!!

Please see a story to this Baby Boo in the next post (coming soon)  but for now I would like to introduce to you to the white baby squash named Baby Boo.  It does not have much flesh which makes it perfect for roasting and stuffing without much wasting. It's edible and if you want to impress your guests and family when you have them over or just make your everyday meal at home more festive it makes for a beautiful and elegant presentation. 
Since many of my posts are intertwined I stuffed Baby Boo with my previous post's curried wheat berry salad.  You can serve the salad all by itself or for a heartier meal or side dish and a grandiose entrance you can serve as shown above. You can essentially use any stuffing you wish or even use it as a soup bowl for gazpacho or warm soups. If using for cold soup like gazpacho, let the roasted pumpkin cool completely.  The prep for this squash is quick and easy so for little extra labor you get much reward. For this post I used only one white baby pumpkin.

1 baby white Baby Boo pumpkin
Canola oil to brush
Black pepper
About 1 teaspoon maple syrup

1. Wash, dry Baby Boo and slice along ridges right in the middle, see photo 2 and 3
2. With a tablespoon carve the flesh out of the pumpkin (see same photos)
3. Slice a small disk from top and bottom of pumpkin so it can sit flat skin side down while roasting.  See photo 3 the sliced bottom/top of pumpkin featured in between two halves
4. Brush all sides with oil, salt and pepper and roast skin side down at 400F for 25 minutes
5. Lace with maple syrup and a touch of lemon and continue roasting skin down at 400F for additional 5 minutes
6. Let cool slightly and stuff with wheat berry salad, find post here, or as you wish. Serve and enjoy!


  1. Shulie, I love this recipe of yours! I think it will make a great side for the Turkey too! Thanks!

  2. Absolutely Sara! How come I haven't thought about it, hmmm?! Brilliant girl!! Let me know how it came out?

  3. ahhh i love edible containers! what an adorable, yet schmancy idea!! love this!